Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How to get a free vps server?

Free Vps sever For 4 months. No credit card required.

Vps servers are very helpful specially if you
want a computer running for you 24x7 online. Vps servers are not that expensive and you can get a vps server for only $6 per month but why spend money when now you can get a free vps server online for 3 months.
To get a free server all you need is a Facebook or Twitter account and you too can get a free vps server up and running in no time.
To get a free vps server follow the steps below and get  $25 dollars free credit for your vps server.

  • First visit this link Cloud SSD VPS.
  • Sign up using Twitter or Facebook. For this action you will get 50 points worth $25 credit.
  • Now visit the home page or order page and select $10 package.
  • Now on other page choose quarterly billing. Which is $24.
  • Complete details on this page and click on continue. Note that adding a control panel will add in the invoice so Don't get a control panel.
  • Now on the next page you can choose Twitter or Facebook login option. Free that choose complete order.
  • After that you will receive an invoice in client area after you login.
  • Create a ticket and tell them you wanna pay your invoice with your $25 dollar signup credit.
  • After that your ticket will get updated and your invoice will be paid.
  • You will receive an email with your vps details.
And that is it. Free vps will be given to you for 4 months of time. This method is kind of new and I think it's limited time offer.

If you face any problem then contact me via comments and I will help you out via comments.

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