Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How To Advertise Your business For Free?

How To Get Free Banner Impressions From Million Of Sites?

Whether you run a business online, Have a store online, Marketing products or just an affiliate of any website you know that without marketing and advertising your gig won't workout too long. Nowadays people spend millions or even billions of dollars for advertising a 1 dollar product. The people who are related pick out different kind of campaigns like Paid To Click, Paid Per Lead and Paid Per conversion.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Top 5 money transferring sites online

Send and receive money online from these best websites:-

Sending money from one corner of the
earth to the other corner of the earth has never been easy. With boundaries dividing us from our friends and family. It has became a hassle to send money to your workers or friends and family. But with the world evolving now you can send money from anywhere in the world to any country you like.
Here are couple of methods which you can use to send money to friends and family and even payment for purchase or business transaction.

Here are top 5 methods to send and receive money worldwide.

1. Western Union:-

Western union is one of the best methods to
send and receive money anywhere in the worldwide. With multiple outlets across the world. Anyone can send and receive money .
Western union is also one of pioneer in sending and receiving money online. A person can easily send money using western union site online. But this online method of sending money using western union has been limited to couple of countries which means not all countries has this facility. But still you can send money to anyone to any western union branch or to the bank account of the person you wanna send money to.

2. Moneygram:-

Moneygram is similar to western union in
every aspect and you can send money from anywhere in the world to any other person in the world.

3. Xoom:-

Zoom is company started by PayPal and
works for sending and receiving money to any corner of the world. Zoom shows potential because PayPal controls the subsidiary but be sure to read the fine print or else it's limitation for you.

4. World Remit:-

World Remit offers transfer to bank
account for limited banks or mobile recharge to any person in the world.

5. Skrill:-

Now unlike other sites in the list skrill can
only be used by people who have account on skrill. Which means the people who don't have skrill account can't send or receive money.
Skrill can be used to send money to anyone in the world but to users only with a valid skrill account and there is no in store pickup for skrill.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Download Videos From Youtube

Download Videos From Youtube Directly for Free:-

Youtube is the heaven for videos and is the best time killer. But YouTube isn't available 24x7. Without internet reception you won't be able to watch your favorite videos and favorite shows on Youtube. Even YouTube offline is available for couple of videos on Youtube and sync problem makes problems.

How to buy YouTube Subscribers? Instagtam Facebook and Twitter followers? Latest method!

Buy YouTube Subscribers, Youtube views, Facebook Followers, YouTube likes, Instagtam and Twitter Followers:-

Youtube is the best business till now for But getting subscribers isn't easy. It may take you months or even years to get a decent subscibers. But now you can easily purchase YouTube subscribers without any kind of mind googling work.
making money online but you can't make a single cent if you don't have subscribers or have enough views. More subscribers mean more views and more views mean more money. Like that all social media business relies on followers. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Listen and download unlimited Audio Songs for free!

Download Audio Songs For Free!

Internet is the most expensive place if you But now you can listen to unlimited audio mp3 songs online without any interruption and also download those songs without any kind problem.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Rotate4all review - Legit or Scam paid to promote website.

Legit site - Rotate4all PTP website:-

Rotate4all is a good paid to promote site that pay users for every visit equal to or greater then 5 seconds. The website only accepts visits from non autosurf and Legit sources meaning no autosurf or hidden referrer traffic supported.
The ratio they paid is as follow:-

Current pay rates per valid PTP & SURF visits

UNIQUE$0.000250USER SURF RATE$0.000200
1st NON-UNIQUE$0.000125REF. SURF RATE$0.000040
2nd NON-UNIQUE$0.000060SURF DURATION5 seconds
3rd NON-UNIQUE$0.000030LIMIT / 24 HRS1,250
4th NON-UNIQUE$0.000015
5th NON-UNIQUE$0.000007
6th NON-UNIQUE$0.000004
7th NON-UNIQUE$0.000003
8th NON-UNIQUE$0.000002
9th NON-UNIQUE$0.000001
10th NON-UNIQUE$0.000001
11th NON-UNIQUE$0.000001
12th NON-UNIQUE$0.000001

Most of the traffic is blacklisted by the site as it contradicts with the terms. You can see the terms by clicking on valid.

  1. You get payment for every visit that you send to this site.
  2. You earn from referrals as well.
  3. You get paid when you reach minimum payment of $5. Payment is paid via Bitcoin, Paypal, Perfect Money and Payeer.
  4. Payment within 24 hours.
  1. Instead of handing you the list of which traffic exchange is allowed or not they keep you in the dark and when you send traffic they all get invalid visits.
  2. A low CPM rate! A very low rate indeed. When you advertise you pay the full amount but when you promote you get paid a fraction of earning from the admin.
  3. Admin(Ivan) is kind of a Dick. He will even punish you for the mistakes of your referral and confiscate all your earning and suspend you forever. The terms are very hard to follow and if your browser blocks any ads in ptp he will suspend you for your bad luck and you can't even unsuspend your account after that.
  4. Vps/Vpn/Proxy traffic gets marked as invalid traffic. This is the biggest fraud in paid to promote history as the admin marks these impressions as legit in advertisers panel but marks them invalid in Publisher section.
  5. No PayPal. Paypal has been removed.
This Paid to promote website rotate4all is legit but the terms make it hard to keep your account in good standing plus much of your impression go to waste.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

How to find legit currency exchangers online?

Exchange crypto currency to USD and many other online payment processors:-

Finding an online currency exchange from
one payment processor to another has always been a hassle. Most the time you can easily get scammed by new exchangers running online scam sites. For example you wanted to exchange perfect money to Neteller, Bitcoin to paypal or even Dogecoin to bitcoin. You pay the amount from your payment processor but you never receive anything in exchange!