Friday, May 11, 2018

Far cry 5 an open world multiplayer experience!

Far Cry 5 Full review+trailer+link

Far cry 5 is the latest installment of the far
cry series with the new multiplayer option in the storyline. You can play in a single player mode or play with a friend online and complete the story missions in multiplayer mode. Not much has changed in far cry 5 except now you can take and wild animals as well as friendly animals.

The new Thanos mode in Fortnite Gauntlet is OP as Hell!

Play as thanos in Fortnite!

Thanos from the marvel universe is
the one antagonist that you will never like to see in other games because of his awesome powers and abilities but what if thanos appears in Fortnite battle gauntlet? Will you like to see thanos dancing and twerking? If yes then you can now play as thanos and also dance after brutal kill in Fortnite battle royal.

Welcome to the game 2 - A brutal experience of the deep web!

A true experience of deep web. Full review+trailer

Welcome to the game 2 is a sequel to the
strategic horror indie game where you play as Clint Edward a news reporter trying to solve a harassment of a woman by some masked figures. The player has to find certain codes on the deep web but things go wrong when you try to visit deep web pages.

The new God Of War is best one in the series. How?

Full review of God Of War + trailers:-

The new God Of War is released on consoles and the game offers some of the most stunning graphics and artwork. With the new camera angle and new mythology the god of war series has been rebooted for the fans to immerse and go deep in the God of War storyline. So what changed in the new God Of War series? Here is a complete review of God Of War 2018.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How to create a free domain name?

Get free domain names online!

Domain names are the most important part of the website online. It
represents what your are offering and it is the first impression that leaves print on the visitors mind. Without a proper domain name a person can't operate a website online. You can create a domain name by paying some money or you can create Domain name for free.

Friday, May 4, 2018

How To Buy Bitcoins With Neteller?

Buy Bitcoins online using Neteller account

Neteller recently started their services in
many part of the world. They were operating in Europe and many countries of the world in the past but now you can use Neteller anywhere in the world. Neteller do support deposit via Bitcoins but you can't actually buy bitcoins directly from Neteller. But there are other ways to buy bitcoins with Neteller.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

How To Create a Bitcoin Debit Card?

Get a Bitcoin Supported Prepaid Visa Debit Card!

Bitcoin is the world's leading cryptocurrency that is gaining mass over other currencies in the world rapidly. With the increase in transactions daily a person needs something that he can use to perform simple purchasing in daily life with the help of bitcoins. For this purpose now people can create a simple debit card that can be refilled using bitcoins and that doesn't charge extra fee just to perform simple exchanges.